i wrote a post at my other blog on this, but i wanted to do one specific to kitcheny/crafty/domesticky things.

p.s. i corrected the spelling on “domesticky” to add the ‘k’ because being in a teacher ed program means that i am finicky about my made-up words. seriously.

anyhow. here’s the list! feel free to share your own goals!

1. blog more here. seriously.

2. bake goodies with fresh fruit

3. bake something FANCY

4. brainstorm some fun kid-crafts for student teaching

5. find or make something pretty for my room

6. hang the photo of hawaii that i’ve had since november. good gravy. i’m lazy.

7. go to the city market all the time

8. more photos with the real camera

9. invest in a nicer lens? maybe. we will see.

10. get more comfortable photographing people. force my roommates to be models for portraits.

11. learn to make at least one stellar cocktail

12. don’t kill my plants! (success so far)

what are your home-goals for the summer?