fact: it takes me two tries EVERY time to spell “cinnamon” correctly.

fact: these cream cheese cinnamon rolls took way longer to make than i expected, because i only read the ingredients and not the entire recipe, so i didn’t realize that i had to let the dough rise not once, but twice. so i started this whole shebang at 9 am, and was FINALLY able to eat a roll at 2:30.

so. worth. the. wait. holy mackerel.

i did substitute chocolate chips for raisins, because i hold no love for raisins. and i hold a lot of love for chocolate chips, especially mini chocolate chips.

please do not skimp on the butter in these babies. don’t try to make them healthy. just give into the luxury and the insanity and then only drink coffee all morning in anticipation. the caffeine rush makes the sugary explosion of happiness that much more awesome.