i caved and bought the two-volume julia child mastering the art of french cooking set. the second cookbook has updated recipes and (i think) some more baking ones.

i love them. so much. i sat on the couch while my roommates played wii and read the whole first one. cover-to-cover. drooling. occasionally reading recipes out loud. they’re just so damn succulent.

souffle au chocolat. yes. i want that. i love how neatly the ingredients are broken up – you see the ingredients when you’d need them, not all at once (which can be annoying, to constantly check for what “add the flour and the dry ingredients” really means). i’m pretty pleased.

the first big meal will be a  housemate summer night with moules a la mariniere (drool) with bread and wine and happiness. i learned that i’ve been preparing mussels the wrong way all this time.

also. it’s fun to have julia child’s voice in my head. i think i love her. i just read My Life in France, her biography, and it was amazing. inspirational. she was f*cking incredible. her life. i want it. mostly because it was soaked in butter.