when I was kid, the house we lived in didn’t have AC. in Virginia, in the summer, not having AC is a fascinating and sometimes painful experience. so, we got crafty with our ways of cooling down. sprinklers, sticking my head under the well’s tap, etc.
food played a big role in this. I loved to eat dilly beans (green beans, pickled, super garlicky) straight from the jar, out of the fridge. but chilled soups? that was the ish. gazpacho and cucumber-yogurt soup? my two favorite things ever.
today I made chilled cucumber yogurt soup from the moosewood cookbook (a stellar vegetarian cookbook, and one my mom used all the time when i was growing up). it’s very simple-5 cucumbers, two cups plain yogurt, some dill, garlic, and salt. I grated the cukes using my food processor, then stirred everything together before giving it some immersion blender love. while a bit more watery than I remember, it is cool and refreshing, which is perfect for what promises to be a toasty week here in Virginia.