that’s not a word.


but i recently amped up my blogs-i-read folder on my interwebs, and thought i would share with all y’all. in list form, because LISTS. also, these are the blogs that make me want to be better at bloggery.

1. shutterbean is a blog run by tracy, who posts beautiful photos, loves lists (hi tracy, i love lists too. let’s be best friends), and excellent recipes. i also have a serious case of blog design envy. or i want to have a party that uses all of her fonts for invitations.

2. joy the baker is, well, joy, who is a baker. she and tracy of shutterbean post a most-fabulous podcast over at homefries, which i’m listening to RIGHT NOW. joy’s blog is chock full of great recipes, photos of her cat, and the occasional post on how to blog better. (blog just lost all meaning. true story.)

3. what i wore is a fashion blog that is photo-heavy and totally glorious. jessica quirk (best last name ever) runs it, and it is such a deliciously simple concept – she posts about what she wears each day, and because the photos are lovely and her style is spectacularly her, the blog stays fresh and fun.

4. speaking of that blog, she and her husband run that’s quirky (a new one) which is all about home things. CSA food ideas, home decor, garage sales, dinners. also, crazy beautiful blog design.

5. p.s. i made this is a great DIY blog that always make me wish i was better about making my own things. the “i” in the blog title is erica domesek, who finds things she loves in the fashion world, and then make them herself.

6. i just now discovered eat make read, which seems to be pretty spiffy. lots of pretty photos, recipes, and some excellent cocktail ideas. i think i might love it.

7. i also just discovered say yes to hoboken, which seems to be all about DIY and the like. the newest post up right now is all about her photography setup, which is full of good ideas.

so, those are the blogs that most inspire me on this one.

also, the word blog just lost all meaning. typed it too many times.