okay, FIRST. click it. jam out. dance.

now, get some butter. a goodly amount.

don’t worry, this goes to a good place and not a weird one.

put the butter in a pan that is not dark. this way you can keep an eye on the magic. set the heat to medium-ish. get that baby melting. it’s going to do some wild things. crackle. foam. sort of butter with rabies. but oh, baby. butter with rabies is the ish. so freaking good. the water is going to go away – that’s all the noise. then the fat browns. and the butter takes on a golden-brown glow. once you see a decent amount of brown bits at the bottom of the pan, remove the butter from the heat.

you just browned butter. use it in things. i like to take half the amount of butter called for in a given recipe and brown it. it gives this glorious nutty warm happy flavor. like, if oaked chardonnay tasted like this? i’d like white wine. put it in cookies. muffins. cupcakes. trust. it’s just about as close to heaven as anything in your kitchen will get. look up this stuff online for more on how to add it to recipes – i usually let it cool and fold it in with other wet ingredients called for.

i just realized i might have written about browned butter before. sorry. i freaking love it. you should, too.