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i made these today, using this recipe (from the ever-fabulous joy the baker, whose cookbook i just received from amazon. and i love it.).

i am pretty sure i did not actually get the egg whites to stiff peaks, but that was due to sheer nerves – soft peaks are familiar territory but stiff peaks? yikes. i got nervous and stopped the stand mixer, probably just before the consistency would have been perfect. but the meringues came out sweet and light and delightful and i am currently testing my willpower and NOT eating all of them.

just a handful of ingredients: two egg whites (stiff peaks), teaspoon of lemon zest, teaspoon of vanilla extract, 2/3 cup of sugar. whip the whites up to foamy, add in a pinch of salt, keep going (amp up the speed), slowly add in the sugar, and then just let it do it’s thing until it is smooth and shiny and reaches stiff peaks. as a last step, fold in zest and vanilla, then spoon into a pastry bag and use any tip you please (i used the large star) to create tiny delicacies. on parchment paper-lined baking sheets. bake at 200 for almost two hours (or until they’re dry to the touch. feel free to “check on them” and steal one after an hour. LIKE A MARSHMALLOW BUT AWESOMER).