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it’s true. the stress of this semester did the opposite of what stress usually does to me, and stole my baking mojo.

but, um, stress? you might want to check your mojo stash, because i totally got mine back. HA.

how, you might ask?

simple. decadence. a friend made these bad boys, told me it took self-control not to eat them all, and i wanted them. so much want.

so today, i finished my math mid-term. i did errands. i bought some new lipstick. and then i pumped up the glee soundtrack and went to town.

the result?

peanut butter cookie stuffed chocolate fudge cookies

yes. god yes. first, the house smells like happiness and unicorns and love. second, one bite and i swear to you that i felt something click into place again. like, i just remembered why i love to bake: i am in charge. it’s organized, it’s controlled, and it is f*ing delicious. a tablespoon of chocolate dough, a teaspoon of peanut butter dough, another tablespoon of chocolate dough. 15 minutes at 350. glass of cold milk. momentary glimpse of utopia*.

so. i feel a bit better about everything now. all because of these gorgeous mofos.

*utopia has cookies, i assume.