y’all, i’m still thinking about dinner last night. we couldn’t get a table at the place we’d planned to go, so we stopped by another place off U Street in DC. bistro la bonne has to be one of my new favorite places to go. it is french, the people are french, the food is french AND delicious…

we ordered mussels and oh, lord. we each got one giant pot of mussels steamed in various delicious broths, with fries, and a glass of wine, and i can’t even think straight it was so good. also, all bread should be served fresh from the oven, like they do here.

also, the restaurant reminded me of the portuguese restaurant in love actually. that may have influenced my love of this place.

so if you’re in DC, or visiting DC, or have a love of food, go to this place. we didn’t have reservations but the hostess found us a table in the corner and we didn’t have to wait, despite the place being pretty packed.