i’m not talking about mac and cheese, though god knows i love pasta and cheese in any form. nor do i mean tomato soup with grilled cheese. or meatloaf (really good meatloaf is the best thing EVER).

i’m talking about the baked good you go to when you need to feel better about the state of the world, or the state of your room, or your life, or your brain. for me it is usually chocolate chip cookies (i make a mean one), and sometimes just the dough. i think today i’m going to make really rich brownies and eat them out of the pan and not share.

i’m having one of those days where i’m just feeling a bit grumpy and panicky for no particularly good reason, and i don’t want to be around people, and i worked out and that mostly helped but what would really help is sugar and chocolate.

so. what do you make to feel better on those kinds of days?