the first week of january has passed, and so i present my favorite photo from the week. and my thoughts on this project, after the photo, if you are so inclined.

i took this on the 5th, at the uva/unc women’s basketball game, which i attended with my mom. our team lost. we had a psychotic fan in our section. i was on a juice cleanse so could not down a pretzel like i wanted to. but, i had a blast. my mom and i are really close, and it was nice to spend some time with her. and i grew up attending these games, so even though it was in the new arena, it was like being a kid again, and i got really into the game. might not be the best photo, but it has a happy moment attached to it.

and that’s why i like this project, and how i’m approaching it. as a way to document moments that capture each day. my photo for today is just of two books – nothing fancy, but i’m super excited for the cookbook, and i’ve been devouring the self-help book (yes. i got one. shut up. it’s good) – it’s called the happiness project, it’s by a woman who spent a year learning about being happy, and it aligns beautifully with my word for this year, definition. i want to define me. and seeing how others defined themselves helped. i like capturing little things each day. i need to use my camera more, but i don’t love carrying it around because it’s fancy – i am terrified i’ll damage it. so that’s the next challenge. put on the cheaper lens and start using the big camera.