as i wrote about on my other blog yesterday, i am trying out a 3-day juice cleanse to reboot my cravings for the new year. today is day two. i am wearing pink polka dot pajamas and sitting on my bed drinking a kale-based green juice. which is completely divine. but my absolute favorite juice is by far the carrot-apple-ginger one, which i thought i’d share with y’all.

quite simple recipe: 3-4 carrots (i used organic ones, so used 5 instead), 2 granny smith apples (again, i used organic, so threw another one in at the end), and a small hunk of ginger. throw into your juicer and, you know, juice them all. scrape the foam off (my juicer’s juice container has a built in scraper, which is spiffy. this tends to make a bit less than i wanted, so if you look at the results and wonder where all the fruits and veggies went, add in more. i used a bigger hunk of ginger because i love the flavor. drinking this, however, will make you feel invincible. or at least superior to everyone around you.