please note: i am typing this while on a juice cleanse to kick off the new year, and was doing just fine until i looked at these photos.

i made a pumpkin bundt cake for thanksgiving – and naturally cannot recall the exact recipe i used. my mom has one, though i don’t see it in my inbox or on my desktop, therefore i’m pretty sure i found one online. something like this martha recipe (i swear i’m not a fangirl, i just trust her recipes). however, i photographed everything, so let’s take a walk through the recipe.

start with a spice mix – cinnamon, cloves, ground ginger, nutmeg.

(let it be known that i typed that from memory before pulling up the above photo.)

you’ll need pumpkin, flour, sugar, baking powder and soda, salt, and chocolate chips

and canola oil (instead of butter, i believe)

four eggs round out the ingredients. mix the dry together, mix the wet together, and add the dry to the wet. finish by stirring in chocolate chips. grease a bundt pan, and pour the batter in.

trust. that is deliciousness in a pan. bake for…35 minutes? sure. probably at 350 or thereabouts. i will hunt for the real recipe with amounts and such, i swear.

the cake comes out looking all golden and orange and yummy. let it cool about ten minutes in the pan, flip it over, and…

god yes. i ate this for breakfast for the days following thanksgiving. which is why i’m now on a juice cleanse to reset my brain as to “healthy things to eat during the day”.