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i’m trying to remember the occasion that called for these cupcakes and i sort of suspect that i was just in the mood for super-rich cupcakes. this happens a lot. i have a fantastic cupcake recipe book (martha stewart’s cupcakes, link here – totally worth the $16.32) that i go to when these cravings hit. one thing that using martha’s recipes has taught me is the importance of measurement – not just the ingredients (i don’t mess with amounts until i’ve made something a few times, and then i feel confident in tinkering), but the amount of batter or dough per item. so if you make a martha recipe, be sure to bust out the tablespoon or teaspoon or half-tablespoon to measure precisely – otherwise you end up with like, 9 cupcakes total. and that is just sad. at any rate, i have made the original recipe a few times, so i swapped out the cocoa powder for extra-dark-fancy-pants cocoa powder (it was on sale. sue me.) and y’all, it was inspired.

even more inspired? i added one more sneaky bit. i put an andes mint into the middle of each cupcake (dollop of batter, mint, dollop of batter to cover the mint).

that. was. brilliant. i made the simple white icing (literally butter and confectioner’s sugar. poisonous and delicious) because if i was going all out, i was really going all out.

overall, a pretty delicious cupcake experience. i highly recommend it.