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some of you may be finding this through my personal blog – in which case, thanks for following me to this new blog! others probably stumbled across me elsewhere – welcome to y’all, too!

i’m a graduate student in virginia who realized recently that all her hobbies are pretty domestic. i’ve got a list a mile long of things i want to try out, and i want to document those adventures here. i’ll post a weekly project 366 update – this year, i’ll be taking one photo a day in an effort to improve my photography skills. i have a really nice camera – i should use it. all the time. joy division will document my uptick in baking as i bake my way through the baking section of the joy of cooking. i will probably post photos of everything, and do a few longer posts on certain recipes – especially if i feel that a change is needed. because i want to make more things, i’ll write about my efforts at being crafty as well. kitchen adventures will capture any non-joy baking or cooking that i do. and confetti is just that – a post that doesn’t fit into the other four categories, but that i thought was pretty and interesting.

over the next few days, i will keep posting – i have a lot of photos ready to go up, i just need to write the posts! please follow along and send me ideas for things to try out.